Aviation & Aeronautical Science

LETU Sting Precision Flight Team

LETU is home to some award-winning aviators. As part of the National Intercollegiate Flight Association (NIFA), some of LETU's elite pilots compete with teams from other schools in regional and national events every year. 

Competition events cover a wide variety of aviation skills. Some events include navigation, short field approach and landing, computer accuracy, aircraft ID, preflight, and crew resource management.

LETU's STING precision flight team consistently wins first or second place in each year's regional competition and performs well in national competition. 


Labs & Simulators

Practice makes perfect for our aviation students, which is why we've given them such great lab space and equipment to work with!

In conjunction with classroom lectures, labs allow students to practice applying theoretical knowledge in practical, real-life situations they will often face in the aviation industry.

Whether our students are learning about electrical systems, reciprocating and gas turbine engines, air traffic control, or just practicing basic flight maneuvers, our state-of-the-art equipment get the practice they need to excel!


Aeronautical Science Internships

At LETU, we know there is no substitute for personal experience, especially in aeronautical science. Our students are preparing to enter a field that demands excellence, precision and accuracy every single day, and we want them to be ready. 

To prepare our students for the rigorous demands of the aviation industry, we require all aeronautical science students (excluding those pursuing Professional Flight and Military Aviation concentrations) to complete at least sixty hours of internship time performing and observing maintenance on U.S. registered aircraft.

Not only will this experience give our students something to put on a résumé, it will give them opportunities to learn trade skills from experienced technicians.