Endowed Scholarships

gala1More than 90 percent of LeTourneau students receive financial assistance. Its importance cannot be overstated. As LeTourneau broadens its offerings and reaches out to an increasingly diverse student population, the need for financial assistance escalates. Your endowed scholarships will enable generations of students to afford the LETU experience.

Endowments are perpetual and continue to give throughout the life of the institution. You can establish an endowment to honor family members and/or significant individuals who have positively influenced your life.

  • gala2You can establish an endowed scholarship over a five-year period, with an initial gift of $3,000.
  • Once the balance reaches a minimum of $15,000, your endowment will become a named scholarship endowment and will begin supporting students.
  • You may determine the criteria for your scholarship based on geographic location, GPA, financial need, or major field of study.

Endowed professorships, chairs, programs and schools are also available. Contact Bryan Benson at 903.233.3809 or at BryanBenson@letu.edu to establish your endowment today.


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