Transfer Credits

If you have earned college credit from an institution accredited by one of the six U.S. regional accrediting associations, you may transfer that credit to LeTourneau University. The unit of credit at LeTourneau University is the semester hour. Quarter hours will transfer at the ratio of two semester credit hours for every three quarter hours earned.

You may transfer a maximum of 66 semester hours from a two year college if you intend to pursue a baccalaureate degree at LeTourneau University. Only freshman and sophomore level courses may be transferred from such schools and must be completed before you reach junior standing in total hours earned. After you are classified as a junior (61 semester hours), special permission by the LETU Registrar could allow a maximum of 6 semester hours in transfer from a two year college. Transfer students should consult the residency requirements in the Academics section of LETU's catalog, to determine the number of credit hours which must be completed at LeTourneau University.

LeTourneau University only accepts transfer credits which carry a grade of at least a C or its equivalent. If transferred courses are applicable to your LeTourneau University degree program, they will be accepted as credits that help meet graduation requirements.

LeTourneau University participates in the Texas Common Course Numbering System, which makes finding comparable courses easy. The purpose of the system is to assist students who are transferring between participating institutions. The system utilizes unique course alphabetic prefixes and numbers to identify freshman and sophomore level courses that are common between two or more member colleges or universities. To identify courses that may transfer to LETU, refer to our list of common course identifiers. Courses earned with a "C" or better and which match the list are applicable to the degree plan are acceptable for transfer credit. Keep in mind that a course might transfer, even if it does not have a common course number, so contact your admissions counselor with questions.

Residency Requirements

A minimum of 36 semester hours for a bachelor degree or 18 semester hours for an associate degree must be taken in residence at LeTourneau University, including the last semester of the last year. A cumulative GPA of 2.00 is required for courses completed at LeTourneau University for graduation. At least 12 semester hours of the residency period must be in the major in which the student has chosen to receive the degree. Aeronautical science majors should see the aeronautical science section for the specific residency requirements for that major. At least six semester hours of a minor granted by LeTourneau must be taken in residence. Some minors may require more than six hours.

By special permission, a maximum of six semester hours may be transferred back and applied toward graduation requirements, after leaving the University, if the work is completed within one year of departure.

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