Work Study / Campus Jobs

A number of jobs are available for students who need work to earn part of their school expenses. Students are employed on campus in administrative and departmental offices, the library, laboratories, residence halls, maintenance, etc. Placement is made on the basis of need and qualification. Students needing on campus employment should apply at Campus Jobs. Preference in campus work will be given to students who qualify for the Federal Work Study Program. The number of hours you will be permitted to work varies. 

In addition to on campus employment, the University maintains a Student Placement Office in Career Services to assist you in obtaining work in local businesses and industrial plants. Many of our students have used this method to augment their finances and to obtain on the job experience. Rates, hours and general conditions are established by each employer. Contact the Student Placement Office after your arrival if you are seeking part-time employment off campus.

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File your FAFSA online at www.fafsa.ed.gov
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