Meet Our International Students

Maasa Migita

Major: Accounting
Home: Okinawa, Japan
"Love the people, love the floor. There are always random things going on the floor. If I have to make a decision to go to college again, I would still pick LeTourneau. LeTourneau is the place where you can choose either to grow spiritually or to step out and get involved in many activities"

Rudolf Kapisa

Major: Professional Flight
Home: Jayapura, Indonesia
"I have been at LeTourneau University for almost a year. But I feel like I have been here a lot longer than that. People at LeTourneau treat other people like their brothers or sisters. It makes me feel comfortable to live, study, and more than that, LeTourneau University helps me to grow spiritually."


Mercy Liaw

Major: International Business and Accounting
Home: Malaysia
"I feel that the international culture here is more broad-minded than in most other schools. Even those who have not left the country have an interest and consciousness of the international culture. The most interesting thing about being a LeTourneau student is getting to see into worlds that I have never and may never get another chance to glimpse again--the world of engineering, aviation, chemistry, etc."

Pedro Hissa Couto

Major: Aeronautical Engineering
Home: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
"I wanted you to know that I could not be happier for being selected by LeTourneau University for the Brazil Science Without Borders program. During this first week, I found out that this institution provides for its students not only a high quality in education but an environment of friendship, faith and significant discussions for society."