University of Highlands & Islands- Scotland

University of Highlands and Islands

On the northern part of the United Kingdom are 13 different schools that all connect to the University of Highlands and Islands and that our students now have access to venture on a study abroad experience! Their academic courses range from Engineering to Arts & Sciences, Nursing to Aeronautical Science, and Business to Language! You can choose from a variety of academic courses, or "modules" as they call them, to fit in your degree plan and have you on an adventure in the UK in no time!  

If you are interested in learning which campus has the classes you are needing, simply explore through each of these campus and there will be a list of degrees or "courses" that they specialize in. You can search through the individual college's database by using the search tool box on that college's page, or you can search UHI's wide database which will narrow down the campuses for you as to your degree plan.

After you've found which degree you are looking for classes in, next you need to find if they have the modules you need, or classes.  Just click on the "content" tab of the course list, and then expand the years for a list of modules. That will give you a start for getting your professor's approval to take those classes, or modules. If your professor needs a full class description in order to approve it, please email the International Studies Officer (SarahEpling@letu.edu) with the list of the classes you are interested in taking, and the advisor will then email UHI directly. In order to facilitate a friendly partnership with UHI, it is best if all your questions for UHI are filtered through LeTourneau's International Studies Officer (SarahEpling@letu.edu).

Here are their different campuses that each specialize in their own "Course" or Degree plans:


Argyll College Highland Theological College Inverness College Lews Castle College Moray College
NAFC Marine Centre North Highland College Orkney College Perth College Sabhal Mòr Ostaig
  SAMS Shetland College West Highland College  


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In order to apply to be a student at UHI, here is the application process for both UHI and LeTu:

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Questions? Contact:

Sarah Epling

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(903) 233-3173


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