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LeTourneau University English Language Center

Ider University- Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Internships available to LeTourneau Students

One of the goals of LeTourneau University is to provide high quality educational programs to international partners as well as grow the opportunities available to students for hands-on experience! LeTourneau University has now partnered with Ider University in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to begin an English Language Center with the goal of working with native students seeking to enter an English-speaking university or professionals wanting to improve their English skills. This partnership provides a wonderful opportunity for LETU’s current students and recent graduates to obtain a position at LeTourneau as either an ESL intern to aid instruction or a paid ESL instructor.

We are looking for any current students that are interested in an internship to aid in ESL instruction by assisting the ESL faculty, planning activities, being a conversation partner, or participating in other fun responsibilities. It’s a great opportunity for Education, English, or Cross-Cultural Studies majors! Class credit is also available for those who need to complete practicum hours for a TESOL minor or the internships required for Cross-Cultural ministry or English majors. The job description for a 2-12 week summer intern is as follows:

ELC Intern

The ELC Intern will report directly to the ELC Director who will assign the intern to an ELC instructor to assist in the instruction of English as a Second Language courses related to Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, and IELTS Preparation.

The ELC Intern has these main responsibilities:

  • Assist in planning and implementing new student orientation upon request
  • Assist in the planning and organizing of on-campus ELC student activities
  • Possess the ability to work in, and sensitivity to a cross-cultural environment
  • Travel to possible off-site locations
  • Engage in private in-class tutoring upon request
  • Engage with ESL students in in-class and out-of-class as conversation partners.
  • Participate in Intern/Faculty meetings
  • Meet with assigned ELC instructor as needed to prepare for classes
  • Other duties as assigned

If you are interested in being an ELC intern next summer, please apply here.

Questions? Contact:

Sarah Epling

International Studies Officer

(903) 233-3173

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