Faith and Engineering

How do you integrate Christian faith and engineering practice?

We see the intersection occurring naturally at five places:

  1. When we discuss physical laws and materials which are the basis for engineering, we realize that the source of all that we have is the Lord Himself.
  2. As we see the design that exists in nature and even copy some of the design in our own structures, we need to marvel at the design that God has built into everything.
  3. As we move into engineering as a vocation (a "calling"), we recognize that God gives us specific skills and interests to utilize for serving Him and helping others.
  4. When we deal with ethical issues that arise in the profession, we have a foundational standard for making ethical decisions, out of which flows the duties, the rights, the virtues, and the Codes of professional practice.
  5. As we think about design, we need to deal with the question of "What should we design?"  What kinds of designs really glorify God and benefit people, and what kinds of designs exploit, trap, or potentially harm innocent people?