Aero Design


To succeed, every aspiring engineer must possess certain skills. Among these skill-sets are the ability to communicate ideas, the discipline to work closely with others and the gaining of practical knowledge. One way for a student to begin developing these abilities is to work on a design project while in school. Enter SAE Aero Design. Every year the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) puts on a competition that provides a unique opportunity for students and schools from around the world to build their own remote control aircraft from the ground up and compete with each other.  SAE Aero Design provides skills and experiences that cannot be matched in any classroom or lab.  Employing the overall standard of excellence upheld by LeTourneau University, we hope to compete admirably at competition and use our gifts and talents to the best of our ability in order to challenge our fellow competitors.


This year, LeTourneau's SAE Aero Design team is very blessed to be sponsored again by Mr. Brian French, owner of Corporate Aero Group.