Powered Parachute Project

Maverick on sand Maverick with chute deployed


Majors: Mechanical Engineering


Joining together with I-TEC (The Indigenous People's Technology and Education Center), LeTourneau University’s Powered Parachute Team is aiding in the progress of I-TEC’s MAVERICK (the powered parachute vehicle) to help fulfill the vision of bringing the Gospel to the least traversable regions of the globe.  
The Problem
Improving transportation speed and quality is a constant endeavor for any society.The indigenous people and missionaries of the world are constantly at odds with transporting themselves, supplies, and most importantly, the Gospel into areas that are so remote that traversable roads are nonexistent. Boats can go only as far as the waterway remains navigable. Flying remains the most reliable method of transportation; however, traditional aircraft are dependent on outside infrastructure for operating and maintenance support. So, to minimize the complexity of aviation, I-TEC is developing this hybrid-powered parachute/all terrain vehicle. This vehicle utilizes a parachute-wing for flight, allowing it to transform into an aircraft. The development of this vehicle will make reaching the unreachable possible, and grant the missions field a level of mobility that has not been achieved before. After many years of careful development, the Maverick Powered Parachute has finally been launched into production. However, as with any product, there are still areas for design improvement.  Additionally, many of the vehicle maintenance schedules and production quality control standards still need to be developed. In order for I-TEC to make informed decisions in each of these areas, research must be performed, calculations predicting loads, fatigue, and wear life must be made, and data must be collected from select Maverick systems.


In memory...

The Powered Parachute Project at LeTourneau University was originally proposed by Zack Saint. On February 3, 2006, after a seven month struggle with leukemia, Zack went home to be with his Savior.


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