LAARS Goals and Objectives



Goal/objective of the project

To enable a LeTourneau University (LETU) Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) senior-level student design team to be mentored by Rockwell Collins engineers in the requirements capture, design and prototyping of an Avionics Audio Generator consistent with current state-of-the-art practice in an integrated Flight Deck Environment such as the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion® EDS.


Because the Avionics Audio Generator will be a proof-of-concept design for integration with Rockwell Collins systems, the LAARS team is to design it with industry-specific concerns in mind, such as performance, size, weight, power, supportability, reliability, cost, and conformation to aircraft regulatory requirements.


This project has the potential to serve as a prototype for Rockwell Collins to produce an Avionics Audio Generator for integration in their current systems to improve its functionality and user satisfaction.