Biomedical Engineering Entry Preparation

Our program believes that a good biomedical engineer should plan first and foremost to be a good engineer. Beyond this, our BME graduates will have a working understanding of life science systems and terminology. Good communications skills are also important, because the biomedical engineer provides a link among professionals with medical, technical, and other backgrounds.

Knowing this, the high school preparation for biomedical engineering is the same as for any other engineering discipline, except that some life science course work should also be included if at all possible in biology and/or anatomy and physiology. Therefore, students interested in a biomedical engineering career should take as much math and science in high school as their schedule permits. A well-prepared student should be ready to take calculus in their first semester of college, have had courses in high school biology, chemistry and physics, and possess strong written and oral communication skills. Students that have not attained this level of preparation may be advised to enroll in remedial courses.

Also, if possible take as many Advanced Placement (AP) courses as possible before enrolling in our BME program. This will reduce the number of hours you must take every semester.