Julia Jacky Testimonial

Julia Jackey Testimonial Pic

Julia Jackey, 2011 Grad

Vertech Industrial Systems
Control Systems Engineer 

What aspects of your LETU Engineering Technology program were most beneficial?

Engineering Technology places an important emphasis on hands-on labs and team projects. Through these projects I was able to develop not only technical skills, but problem-solving and communication skills as well. The classes I took were “real-world” applicable and helped make my transition to the engineering workforce both smooth and fun.  

How is your LETU education benefiting you in your current work?

The most useful skill I have is the ability to learn. The programming platform, equipment, and specifications that I use change with almost every project. My education at LeTourneau University gave me a broad base of basic experience as well as practice with quickly adapting to the requirements of each class/lab. This is invaluable now and I am very thankful for the time I spent at LETU.