Undergraduate Degrees

Engineering, B.S.

Concentrations in

Engineering represents excellence at LeTourneau, and the inventive and entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, the late R.G. LeTourneau, continues today.

The engineering program continues to emphasize the strong technical tradition, built upon Christian values, that has been a hallmark of LeTourneau University since its founding. 

The program is basic preparation for registration as a Professional Engineer and provides the educational background for professional employment or for graduate study.

Engineering Technology, B.S.

Concentrations in

LeTourneau's engineering technology program offers practical application, coupled with a strong theoretical base, to prepare you for positions in industry, sales, management, research and service in a variety of technical areas.

Design & Manufacturing Technology, A.S.

The Associate of Science degree in Design and Manufacturing Technology prepares students for a wide range of occupations in the engineering and manufacturing industries.  The program combines a strong graphics component with LeTourneau's solid manufacturing-related courses.  Graduates are employed by professional engineering and manufacturing firms, government agencies and industrial firms to work in drafting, machine design, electrical design, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and tool-die design.  Learn more...

In general, Engineering includes more theory, and Engineering Technology is more applied. Students tend to gravitate towards one or the other. Engineering concentrations require two or three calculus courses plus differential equations. Engineering Technology requires two technical calculus courses and depends heavily on algebra skills.
LeTourneau's Engineering and Engineering Technology programs are classified, respectively, as a General Engineering program and General Engineering Technology program, meaning that we provide a strong common core of courses under a single degree, supported by a variety of concentrations. This structure allows us the greatest flexibility, interdisciplinary background, and sharing of faculty and resources. The degree title is not an obstacle to employment, and many employers are particularly impressed by the broad background of LeTourneau graduates.

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