Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Minor

Course Requirements

  • TESL 2103 Methods in TESOL (Fall only)

  • TESL 2203 Theory in TESOL (Fall only)

  • TESL 3103 Introduction to Linguistics (Spring only)

  • TESL 3203 Grammar for TESOL (Spring only)

  • TESL 3303 Language and Culture (Spring, Even years only)

  • TESL 4203 Practicum in TESOL (Fall only)

Total 18 credits

Notes: Students take TESL 3303 Language and Culture (for all TESOL Minor students interested in teaching in secondary or adult settings), or if coming from EDUC departments and want to teach in elementary settings, READ 4363 ELL and Bilingual Literacy Methods may be approved, or if coming from other departments and want to be involved in TESOL, CCLT 2103 Cross-Cultural Communications or CCLT 3103 Cultural Anthropology may be approved.


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