LifeWork Planning

LeTourneau University School of Business

Work is worship.  Business is serving.

To follow the university mission of graduating students who see their life’s work as a holy calling with eternal impact, the School of Business has created the LifeWork Planning Initiative, which prepares students for their lives and careers beyond college.

Christian Leadership Distinctives LifeWork Planning Deliverables

Discovering Purpose

Freshman Year (Cornerstones)

  • Cornerstones Strength Finders & MBTI
  • Career Orientation
  • Community Through Communication Styles
  • Team Building & Leadership Development
  • Leading Dimensions Consulting

Grounding Values / Collaborating Service

Sophomore Year (Faith & Work)

  • Workshops on Servant Leadership (OLAgroup)
  • “Workship”

Broadening Knowledge

Junior Year (Global Initiatives / Service Learning)

  • Global Internship (NICS/GEM)
  • Educational Partners (HGU)
  • CCCU
  • Culture and Language

Deepening Skills / Collaborating Service

Senior Year (Internships / Research)

  • Research Symposium
  • Internship Practicum
  • Capstone Class / Entrepreneurial Focus