Christ Centered Classroom

Real Students' Reflections on Christ Centered Learning

At LeTourneau University, our business professors unapologetically bring Christ into the concepts of their teachings. Each class begins with a devotional, which contributes to the lesson or enhances the overall purpose of the course. The professors strive to season our students with integrity that they can carry to every workplace and every nation.

Isaac Naatz

"What has impressed me about the business program and professors here at LETU is the fact that so many of them have left very successful careers within various types of industry to serve and educate us students. It truly shows the type of character and concern they have for their students to have made the sacrifices that they have in order to teach us how to be successful within the work field that they themselves were once in."


Jane Tran

"Before college, I had always gone to public schools where religion is not mentioned. Coming here, I was pretty much amazed by how much God can be a part of every single class, not only in 5 to 10 mins devos but also in the way of teaching and learning. I feel like often times, we may get too busy with life and forget about faith. So it is great to be reminded everyday that God with us in all circumstances."

        - Trang (Jane)


Natalie Schuller

"The professors at LeTourneau not only care about their students’ education but also about their walk with God. They take time to encourage, pray with and remind their students to not only work for themselves but for God. 'Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord.' This is training for work after college, where we can make an impact for Christ, where ever we go. It always means a lot to me when the professors take time at the beginning of class to share a devotional. It encourages me because it is something God has put on their heart, scripture or a life experience that I can learn from."

        - Natalie S