Alumni Testimonials

Noelle Schlung
BS in Chemistry with Biological Concentration, 2013
Assistant Coordinator for the Math and Science Tutorial Program at University of California, San Diego

NoelleSchlung"During my time at LeTourneau, I discovered and developed my passion for empowering other students to succeed in their chemistry courses. This position at UCSD has been an incredible opportunity to expand my role and expertise in the areas of teaching and learning in the university setting. I love the work that I do with students and am so grateful for the wonderful people and experiences at LeTourneau University that God used to shape and direct me."

Ben Penticoff
BS in Chemistry, 2011
Compliance Attorney, Dallas, Texas

BenPenticoff"Since my four years as a chemistry major at LETU, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend law school. While seemingly two different worlds, science and law follow similar trains of thought which made the transition smoother than I anticipated. As the compliance attorney, I help maintain the ethical rules as it pertains to various factors with cases, attorneys, and communications with others. More than anything, I enjoy doing what and being where God has called me. I have found no fulfillment without Him."

Drew Story
BS in Chemistry, 2011
Doctoral Candidate in Chemical & Environmental Engineering with a Designated Emphasis in Public Policy at University of California, Riverside

DrewStory"My research involves colloidal fate and transport, or more specifically, the aggregation and deposition behaviors of engineered nanomaterials in aqueous systems. I am part of an NSF Fellowship team that publishes a blog to convey the scientific complexities of a local environmental issue, the Salton Sea, to the general public. Our website is www.SaltonSeaSense.com."

Andrew Carlsen
BS in Engineering Physics, 2014
Pursuing MS in Engineering Physics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

AndrewCarlsen"The program here is concentrated on space physics and engineering, which is cool since that's the general direction I wanted to go with my degree anyway. A lot of the subject material is similar to but more advanced than the work I did for my undergraduate degree, but what I learned there at LETU has stood me in good stead here at ERAU. The work is a little harder, but there is less of it, so all told I manage pretty well.

In addition to classes, I am also working as a teaching assistant in the Physical Sciences department, where I teach several sections of the university's basic physics lab. Even though I hadn't ever taught before, my experience as a lab assistant there at LETU really helped me make the transition from simply helping in the lab to basically running the whole thing. Looking back, I'm really glad for the time I put in lab assisting at LETU, even though it made me feel really busy at times. "