Wheels Team

2016-17 Team Members

Hi! My name is Kathryn Baker, and I am a freshman biomedical engineering major. I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, but God led me to LeTourneau last fall. I joined the Wheels Team because I wanted to have an avenue of service within my major. It has been an incredible experience, not only learning how to do research on wheelchairs, but also helping those abroad. I can't wait to travel to Kenya this summer and share Christ's love with the people who need these wheelchairs! I am so blessed to be a part of the team this year!

My name is Bridey Davis, and I am a sophomore kinesiology major planning to become an occupational therapist. I joined the Wheels Team because I want to help improve the lives of people with disabilities. Wheels has allowed me to be part of a positive change for wheelchair users in low resource areas. Not only have I had the opportunity to bless others, I have also been able to participate in real-world research. It has been an incredibly worthwhile experience.

My name is Natalie Dottle, and I am a freshman biomedical engineering student. I joined Wheels because it is a great opportunity to experience what working in my field can be like while at the same time helping people in need. I am especially excited because I will be shadowing presthetists and orthodists in Kenya, and this will give me a glimpse of what my job will be like if I become one myself.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Foster. I am a biology major, but I have always had fairly diverse interests. Wheels appealed to me because it is an interdisciplinary project that gives me an opportunity to "get my hands dirty" with research while at the same time doing something that makes a tangible impact on people's lives. God has blessed me greatly through the people in my life, and I thought Wheels would be a way to pass on some of that blessing while helping me discover God's plan for my life.

My name is Ethan McMichael. I am a freshman studying mechanical engineering at LeTourneau. The Wheels Project is a great opportunity to get experience both internationally and on a research team. I am from Nairobi, Kenya, so I was excited to find this unique project in Texas that is involved with Kenya. It is also rare for a freshman to be a part of a university research team, so I am thankful for the project and for Mrs. Rispin, our team leader, who has made this a great learning experience.

My name is Joel Noble, and I'm a sophomore biology major. My interest in Wheels came through my desire to be involved in hands-on research that will directly make a difference in the lives of the people we are organized to serve and to simply improve lives with our method of testing. Going forward to Kenya, I am most excited to see the impact our studies have had and to build real and lasting relationships with friends, both on campus and abroad.

My name is Jason Saler. God has set it on my heart to use the skills He has given me, as well as ones I have gained though learning, to serve Him through service and love for others. While Computer Science and wheelchairs aren't generally thought of as similar fields, the Wheels team had a need for a computer application to collect and analyze data. I knew I could meet that need as well as participate in the research. I may not be able to heal someone's disability as Jesus did, but I can use my skills and knowledge to help provide them with a useful wheelchair.



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Faculty Advisor

Karen Rispin 

Associate Professor of Biology, 
& Advisor for Pre-Health Tracks
Office: Glaske O-144 
Phone: 903-233-3352