Dr. Harold Carl

University Chaplain

E-mail: HaroldCarl@letu.edu
Phone: (903) 233-4400
Courses Taught: Theology of Cults, Christology, Hot Topics in Ethics, Cornerstones


Dr. Carl grew up in Northeastern Ohio in several United Methodist parsonages with one younger brother and one younger sister. He calls Canton, Ohio his home town. Dr. Carl’s father, grandfather and younger brother have all been pastors.

Dr. Carl’s wife Gwen grew up in Newport News, Virginia. Her mother was the organist at Hampton Roads Friends Church and her father was an engineer for Newport News Shipbuilding his entire career. She lived in the same house all of her childhood.

The Carls both attended Malone College. Dr. Carl majored in music education (trumpet). Gwen majored in chemistry and Christian ministries. Dr. Carl played in several musical groups in college and regular gigs playing for tips in several local restaurants.

The Carls have been married 32 years as of June 7, 2012. They have a 19-year-old son Joshua who loves sports, caving and SCUBA diving. Joshua was homeschooled and graduated from High School in the spring of 2010. He just completed his sophomore year as a Computer Science major at LeTourneau University. He loves working for the IT department at LETU. During the summer of 2012 Joshua had an internship at Garmin.

All three of the Carls are certified SCUBA divers. They have been diving in Jamaica, Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Keys and Hawaii.

Dr. Carl loves caving, SCUBA, playing guitar and singing for worship, playing blues guitar, playing jazz trumpet, and working on electronic projects. Dr. Carl has a General Class Ham Radio License and Joshua has a Technician Class Ham Radio License. If you can’t find Dr. Carl and Joshua, they’re probably on the roof stringing an antenna. Dr. Carl is a member of SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) and is a National Weather Service Skywarn Trained Observer. Gwen loves SCUBA, cross-stitch, reading, logic puzzles and entertaining people in the Carl’s home. Hardly a week goes by that they do not have students over for dinner and fun.

In July of 2012 Dr. Carl began his 11th year as University Chaplain at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. He has taught internationally in Korea, China and Hong Kong. He has been a full time pastor, a seminary professor and a university chaplain at two different institutions. At LETU, he teaches primarily in the Theology Department, but has also taught for the Honors Department, Freshman Orientation and Adult Education. He still plays his trumpet often in church and is a member of the university jazz band. He has traveled every year with a spring break mission team and 5 years in a row he has been the faculty sponsor of a team of students doing prison ministry with Bill Glass Weekend of Champions in the DFW metroplex. Drop by Dr. Carl’s office and you might hear Morse code, SKYWARN communications, Phil Keaggy, Doc Severinsen, B. B. King or Monty Python. He loves to talk theology, Music, ham radio and SCUBA.



  • Ph.D. Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia, PA) 1992. Doctor of Philosophy.
    Dissertation topic: Found in Human Form: The Maintenance and Defense of Orthodox Christology by Nineteenth Century American Reformed Theologians
  • M.Div. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (South Hamilton, MA), 1987.
  • B.S. Malone College (Canton, OH), 1981. Major: Music Education.

Publications and Presentations

  • "Inner Light” and “Inner Light Foundation,” "Realization," "Urantia Brotherhood," "Urantia Foundation," "First Church of God – Realization," “Self Realization,” “Self-Realization Fellowship." Submitted for inclusion in the Baker Dictionary of Cults, forthcoming in 2011-12.
  • "Against Praxeas: How far did Tertullian Advance the Doctrine of the Trinity?" Global Journal of Classical Theology (April 2009)
  • "Against Praxeas: How far did Tertullian take the Doctrine of the Trinity?" Paper presented to the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (November 2005)
  • "Only the Father Knows: Historical and Evangelical Responses to Jesus' Eschatological Ignorance in Mark 13:32," Journal of Biblical Studies Online. (June 2001)
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Professional Activities

  • Member, Association of Christians in Student Development, 2002 – Present
  • Member, University Faculty for Life, 2001 – Present
  • Member, National Creative Society, 2001 – Present
  • Member, Society of Biblical Literature, 1998 – 2002, 2005 - Present
  • Member, Evangelical Theological Society, 1994 – Present
  • Certified Teacher, Rhode Island, K-12 (Music), 1983 – 1987
  • Certified Teacher, Ohio, K-12 (Music), 1981 – 1985
  • Recorded Minister, Evangelical Friends Church - Eastern Region, 1983 – Present


  • Portsmouth Evangelical Friends Church (Portsmouth, RI)
    Recorded minister, Evangelical Friends Church - Eastern Region, 1983; Delivered weekly messages; led two Bible studies per week; worked with youth; taught Sunday-school; produced overhead transparencies and other media aids; administered all functions of the church.