Philip Rispin

Philip Rispin

Assistant Professor, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, Flight

(903) 233-4264

Began teaching at LETU in Summer 2000



I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada, and attended Bonnie Doon Composite High School in Edmonton. I completed a B.S. in Physical Education at the University of Calgary in 1976. I went on to graduate school, completing a M.S. in biomechanics at Penn State where I met my wife, Karen.

I have been involved with aviation since 1968. I began making a full-time living as a flight instructor and aviation teacher in 1992. My experience includes flying gliders, working as a charter pilot and working as a corporate pilot flying Navajo’s and Gulfstream II jets. After teaching aviation at Prairie Bible College for nearly ten years, I moved to Texas to teach young people in the aeronautical science program at LeTourneau University in Longview.


Education and Training 

  • Gulfstream II Training at Flight Safety International
  • Instructor training at Embry Riddle University, Prescott Campus, May 2007.
  • US Airline Transport Pilot.
  • Cessna training to become a FITS instructor on the G-1000 Glass Cockpit.
  • Flight Training at Flight Safety in California for the operation of the Gulfstream II aircraft.
  • M.S. Biomechanics, Penn State University, 1981
  • B.S. Physical Education, University of Calgary 1976

Awards, Grants, and Certifications

  • Garmin 1000 Cessna Certified Instructor January 2006
  • CFI, CFII, MEI FAA Certifications in the United States, summer 2000
  • Canadian Government Commendation as a Class 1 Flight Instructor in Alberta.
  • Canadian Designated Flight Test Examiner (DFTE)
  • Canadian Class 1 Flight Instructor
  • Honors graduate from The University of Calgary



  • Master’s Thesis on “Velocity Changes and Energy Expenditure In Single Stroke Cycles Of Swimmers Doing Breast Stroke” at Penn State University.


Publications and Presentations

  • Written flight magazine articles for Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) magazine in Canada.
  • Weather and other aviation related issue presentations to East Texas Flight Instructor's Association Meetings.
  • Presented a research project, "Biomechanics of Diving", at the Biomechanics Congress in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1976. 


Professional Activities and Affiliations

  • AOPA (American Owners and Pilots Association), member 
  • COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association), member
  • East Texas Flight Instructors Association, member
  • LeTourneau University Institutional Developmental Committee, member, 2006-2007
  • LeTourneau University Entertainment Committee, member, 2005-2006
  • LeTourneau University Admissions Committee, member, 2003
  • LeTourneau University Building Committee, member, 2002


Conferences and Meetings Attended

  • East Texas Regional Flight Instructors meeting monthly
  • IAMA Conferences
  • EAA 2001

Professional Growth Activities

  • Flight Instructor Recertification training yearly since 2001
  • FITS Instructor Training for the Garmin 1000 cockpit January of 2006


Service (Community Involvement)

  • Fellowship Bible Church in Longview, member who teaches adult Sunday school, provides music for church services and is a Bible study leader.
  • Gives meteorology lectures for the East Texas Flight Instructor's Association
  • Provides flight reviews and insurance flight checks for local area pilots in PA31-350s, 300s, and Cessna 185s.
  • Teaches fly fishing courses in the United States and in Canada.


Personal Statement

I have a passion for flight, and I enjoy sharing that with young people. I am particularly interested in helping young people who want to use their aviation skills to serve others in the name of Christ. I have had the privilege of teaching a number of young men and women who are now serving mission organizations in developing countries.