Aeronautical Science B.S.

Want to graduate prepared to do more than just fly?

Our Bachelor of Science Aeronautical Science degree is the apex of aviation preparation - It allows you to fly professionally, but also gives you in-depth training in aircraft systems. On graduation day, you’ll have earned approximately 220 flight hours as well as your airframe and powerplant (A&P) aircraft maintenance certificates. This will prepare you for a breadth of career options in commercial aviation, corporate aviation, mission aviation, aircraft maintenance and more.

At LETU, we do more than simply say we're a Christian flight school - Our faith is authentic and our commitment to Christ encompasses everything we do. That's why employers will notice the difference in your Christian education as you work with technical expertise, integrity and professionalism.

Whether you want to do aviation maintenance, fly commercial airliners around the world, or fly military aircraft, this major is for you. From aerobatics to avionics, it’s for those who want to keep their career options open and seek a greater understanding of the aviation industry rather than flight or maintenance training alone.  

Certifications you will earn:

  • Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Technician Certificate
  • Private Pilot Certificate 
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
    • Instrument Ratings
    • Single Engine
    • Multi Engine

Optional certifications you can earn:

  • Flight Instructor Certificate
    • Instrument Ratings
    • Single Engine Airplane
    • Multi Engine Airplane

A few career options:

  • Aircraft maintenance technician
  • Airline pilot
  • Air taxi "charter" pilot
  • Corporate pilot
  • Technical writer

Check out the course sequence for this major.


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