Student Organizations

Students Organizations

LAS - LeTourneau Aviation Society

LAS stands for Lambda Alpha Sigma and is commonly known as LeTourneau Aviation Society. It is a brotherhood of pilots and other aviation professionals who seek to glorify God with the opportunities and resources He has given them.

Over 250 alumni are a part of the society, and it was established in 1963.  It is a residential fraternity with the sole purpose of promoting the name of Jesus Christ through encouraging members in spiritual growth, personal growth, and academic excellence.

LUMA - LeTourneau University Mission Aviation

LUMA stands for LeTourneau University Mission Aviation and offers opportunities for students to connect with one another for friendship and support as they pursue the goal of flying for mission aviation.

LUMA offers opportunities for students to connect with mission organizations through events, while encouraging contact with missionaries around the world. 

LUMA provides opportunities for students to be involved in local missions and service projects as they prepare to go overseas.

Are you interested in joining LUMA? 

Contact LUMA faculty advisor Mr. Matt Poelman at MattPoelman@letu.edu

LUSAT - LeTourneau University Society of Air Traffic

LUSAT stands for LeTourneau University Society of Air Traffic and works to spread awareness about Air Traffic Control to the campus community and provide benefits for current students in Air Traffic Control.

LUSAT regularly runs the ATC simulators for preview events and helps to recruit prospective students and answer their questions.

LUSAT also provides opportunities for ATC students to come together and enjoy a common passion for aviation. LUSAT assists ATC students by providing opportunities to learn more and informs students about post-graduate opportunities.

Sting Precision Flight Team

If you are a top aviation and aeronautical science student, you could be a member of LETU’s “Sting” Precision Flight Team. This group of students competes against students from other college aviation programs in the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) competitions.

While many of the competition events involve flying or pilot skills, several of the competition events are open to students who are not pursuing flight training.

The National Intercollegiate Flying Association is a group of different universities, colleges and clubs all over the United States.  They are advancing aviation education and safety while providing competition on the collegiate level.  NIFA is sponsored by over thirty aviation companies nationwide.  It’s great experience if you are thinking about a career in the aviation industry.

Are you interested in joining the STING Precision Flight Team? 

Contact faculty advisor Brad Wooden at BradWooden@letu.edu

LeTourneau Aviation Ladies Club

The LeTourneau Aviation Ladies Club is made up of women from the School of Aeronautical Science and also female aviation enthusiasts from LeTourneau University.  The purpose of the club is to provide fellowship, friendship, and support to each other within the School of Aeronautical Science. 

We seek to build friendships and encourage each other to mature as godly women.  The Aviation Ladies strive to create lifelong friendships that we may lean on as we pursue God’s plan in each of our lives.