David Prewitt

United States Air Force, LETU Class of 1986

I served a little over 10 years in the USAF as a pilot following graduation from LeTourneau. I studied MT/FT at LeTourneau and graduated in '86. The following summer I entered USAF Officers Training School, was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and then completed a year of USAF pilot training. I was then assigned as an instructor in the T-37, which at the time was the primary USAF jet trainer. I served as an instructor at two locations over the next six years and then transitioned to the U-2. The U-2 is still flying today, globally collecting reconnaissance data from high altitude (above 70,000 ft). It is a single seat, single engine aircraft capable of collecting data in all light and weather conditions from a significant standoff distance. I flew the aircraft for four years from locations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the U.S.

My experience in the USAF was excellent overall, and I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially those seeking unparalleled flight training and access to the world's most sophisticated aircraft.

For those who may only be considering airline related employment, I would encourage you to examine military options as well. I have experienced both and am currently employed as an instructor for a major airline. Any military branch will provide opportunities that only come once in a lifetime. You will be a better person and pilot for the experience. The airlines will still be available if desired, even after a full military career. Don’t sell yourself short thinking you may not be capable of flying in the military. I had some of those thoughts starting out and learned, by God's grace, you can accomplish a great deal with hard work and passion. The training and instruction provided by LeTourneau University will prepare you for all this and more. LeTourneau University was foundational in almost every area of my life. I cannot emphasize enough what an excellent education I received there in so many ways, including spiritual, academic and in aviation. I would be happy to talk more with anyone interested both about serving in the military from a Christian perspective or anything else aviation related.    (theprewittsemail@aol.com )