Phil Winters

Aeronautical Science, Aviation Technology '93

Vice President, Aircraft Sales & Charter Management, Greenwich AeroGroup & Western Aircraft Inc.

Q. What do you like best about your career?

“I have been blessed with going to work everyday and not only getting to work with, but fly brand new airplanes.  I also enjoy the challenge of selling new airplanes and building a business.”

Q. How did LeTourneau University prepare you?

“The ethics, values and character that were constantly ingrained in everything we did, from technical training to philosophy, have played the major role in my career success.  The foundation that LeTourneau provided, before building technical skills, has set me apart from my colleagues as a valuable employee.  My company can trust my decision-making abilities because they know the foundation upon which I will make those decisions.  Those foundations were built at LeTourneau.”

Q. What are some special memories of your time here at LeTourneau University?

“My daily activities at LAS were a major part of my time at LeTourneau University.  Close one-on-one relationships with professors, an active intramural life of competition and team-building, along with the balanced approach of the LeTourneau administration, round out the majority of my memories.”

Q. What advice would you have for students in the aeronautical science program?

“Anyone can learn to fix or fly an airplane. Employers realize this.  However, not everyone in the workforce has God driving their values and ethics.  Employers hire attitude as a priority; technical skills take second place.  Learn the technical aspects of aviation as best as you possibly can, but while doing so, concentrate and focus on doing the RIGHT thing based on your values, not the easy thing.  Employers WILL notice this, and you WILL be rewarded in the long run.”