Jim Akovenko

Aeronautical Science, Aviation Technology '76

President, JAARS

Q. What do you like best about your career?

“I enjoy being an advocate for people groups worldwide so that in this and every generation, language communities have access to adequate Scriptures and related materials in the languages that serve them best.”

Q. How did LeTourneau University prepare you?

“The clear message communicated through the professors was trust God, work with the reality of your situation and don't give up.”

Q. What are some special memories of your time here at LeTourneau University?

“The highlight was the personal attention in class, in the lab and socially. This attitude was modeled by the faculty and staff.  I knew they were there to pour themselves into the students.  The second special memory was the cultivation of our spirit of ingenuity.  Keep working with what we had to solve a problem, much like Pop LeTourneau's position when he was faced with using curtain rods as welding materials.”

Q. What advice do you have for students in the aeronautical science program?

“Focus on God and on the purity of your life lived before Him.  Look to assist others (family, community and beyond) in your life’s work.”