Airline Partnerships

LeTourneau University and several airlines have partnered and are proud to offer various airline hiring programs to professional flight students. These programs provide a clear pathway for students interested in working as an airline pilot. We have agreements with Envoy and with SkyWest Airlines. To be eligible for these agreements, you must have completed all flight training beyond the Private Pilot certificate at LeTourneau University.


Pilot Pipeline Program - Envoy

LeTourneau University (LETU) and Envoy have partnered and are proud to offer the Envoy Pipeline Program to LETU professional flight students. This program provides a clear career pathway for students interested in working as an airline pilot.

Students meeting the program requirements can be accepted into the pipeline program as early as their sophomore year at LETU. As graduates, pipeline participants work for Envoy as LETU flight instructors. This allows the participant to enjoy employee benefits, including travel privileges, at Envoy while gaining the flight time and experience needed to work as an airline pilot.

Program Benefits:

  • Work as a flight instructor for LeTourneau University or another Envoy partner school to build flight experience while an Envoy employee
  • Receive initial hire date and benefits through Envoy while flight instructing
  • Travel privileges available on American Airlines and Envoy
  • $10,000 scholarship upon entering First Officer training

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Pilot Cadet Program - SkyWest Airlines

LeTourneau University and SkyWest Airlines have partnered to provide a direct pathway for selected LETU professional flight students to find employment with SkyWest Airlines after graduation. This partnership with SkyWest Airlines provides LETU students a direct path to pursue their aviation careers.  

Program Benefits:

  • Attend SkyWest Airlines orientation in Denver or Salt Lake City after completing flight instructor certificate
  • Work as a flight instructor for LeTourneau University or another SkyWest Airlines partner school to build flight experience
  • Receive initial hire date from SkyWest Airlines at orientation
  • Build relationships and enjoy open communication with SkyWest pilots and employees through SkyWest Pilot Cadet mentoring program
  • After accruing flight experience and meeting all program requirements, complete a final interview for an opportunity to be a first officer at SkyWest Airlines

Learn More about the Pilot Cadet Program


Restricted ATP Certification

Graduates of LETU's professional flight programs are eligible to apply for a restricted-privileges Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate.  This credential can be granted to an individual with as few as 1,000 hours of flight time, and allows them to serve as an airline co-pilot until they obtain the 1,500 hours required for an unrestricted ATP certification.

Program Benefits:

  • Reduced amount of flight experience required before being eligible for hire at an airline


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