Spin Training

As a flight instructor, it is important to always be prepared! And that means knowing how to recover from a spin. Spins are a lot of fun, but they can be dangerous if they are encountered at the wrong time. Spin entry and recovery techniques are all discussed in detail during spin training, which is required to become a flight instructor (CFI). At LETU, we do spin training in one of our ACA Citabrias, a high-wing, conventional gear aircraft that easily enters and recovers from spins.

This is a spin recorded upon the completion of a student's spin training in Citabria N799L. Mr. Bitikofer was sitting up front recording, and the student was in the back seat flying. The spin started at 8,000 feet MSL, descended at about 6,000 feet per minute and recovered at 5,000 feet MSL after 14 1/2 rotations. If you listen carefully, you can hear the student counting the number of rotations. Mr. Bitikofer was so excited that he was giggling when they recovered.


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