LeTourneau University’s Sting Precision Flight Team has scored some major collegiate aviation awards.

In 2012, the team was awarded the Competition Safety Award for having displayed the highest degree of safety during the week of competition. Teams are judged on their ability to maintain a safe environment while handling aircraft, as well as their professionalism and behavior.

The 2011 SAFECON brought the Coach of the Year award. This award is presented to the coach who has demonstrated the best qualities in coaching, support, and leadership. Team members nominate the coach they fell best meets this criteria.

In 2010 the team earned the American Airlines Safety Award.

The AA Safety Award is presented annually to the college or university which has an outstanding safety record and demonstrates the most innovative approach to further aviation safety.

The previous year, LETU's flight team scored the Loening Trophy. Considered the most prestigious award at the annual SAFECON competition, the Loening Trophy recognizes the outstanding all-around collegiate aviation program in the nation.

2011 Coach of the Year Award

2012 Competition Safety Award

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