LeTourneau University Mission Aviation

The purpose of this organization is to offer opportunities for students to connect with one another for friendship and support as they pursue the goal of flying for mission aviation, and to offer opportunities for students to connect with mission organizations through events, while encouraging contact with missionaries around the world. This organization will also provide opportunities for students to be involved in local missions and service projects as they prepare to go overseas.

Although geared towards mission aviation students, anyone who is interested in mission work is welcome. We have come a long way since the start of LUMA, and have changed a lot along the way. When people think of LUMA, we want them to think of discipleship-based, skill-oriented, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled missionary training.

Our idea is to have people with mission and job/skill/life experiences (aviation and non-aviation) come and speak with us about different topics. We want to get back to what it really means to be a missionary. To learn about things we are not taught in class. This is a huge topic, but smaller topics may include things like raising support while overseas and in the states, learning a language/linguistics, humanitarian work, preaching the gospel, dealing with difficult governments/persecution, dealing with locals/other missionaries, raising a family overseas, etc.


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