Fall 2014

Daytime Longview Campus Academic Calendar

August 18 Monday International Student Orientation (ISO) begins; Students participating in ISO arrive
August 21 - 25 Thurs - Mon New Student Orientation (Required of all new students; begins 9am, Aug. 21; residence halls open for new students)
August 22 Friday Registration for NEW students
August 23 Saturday 9:00 AM Residence Halls Open for Returning Students
August 25 Monday Classes Begin; Meal service begins with Breakfast
August 25 Monday Late Registration
August 29 Friday Last Day to Register or Change Registration
September 5 Friday Last Day to Drop with NO GRADE - NOON
September 8 - 12 Mon - Fri Spiritual Emphasis Week
October 1 Wednesday Last day to apply for December 2014 graduation
October 5 Sunday Deadline for change of incorrect grades SP/SU 2014; Deadline for dropping 1st Half Semester courses with a 'W'
October 12 Sunday Last day to ADD 2nd half semester courses
October 13 Monday Noon- Mid Term Grades Due - Web Grade Entry; 2nd Half Semester Courses Begin
October 20 - 21 Mon - Tue Fall Break - NO CLASSES
November 10 - 13 Mon - Thu Web Reg Window Opens for Spring
November 14 Friday Last day to Drop full semester courses or 2nd half courses with a final grade of "W" - 3 p.m.; Last day to withdraw with grades of "W" – 3 p.m.
November 26 - 28 Wed - Fri Thanksgiving Break - NO CLASSES
December 5 Friday Deadline for removal of all Incomplete grades for Spring & Summer 2014
December 8 - 11 Mon - Thu Final Examinations
December 12 Friday 9:00 AM Final Grades for Fall 2014 Graduation Seniors due - Web Grade Entry
December 12 Friday 5:00 PM Residence Halls close for students not participating in commencement
December 13 Saturday Fall 2014 Commencement
December 15 Monday Final Grades due at 9:00 am - Web Grade Entry

Note: This page excerpts information from the university catalog.  In the event of discrepancy, the catalog should be considered authoritative.

Follow this calendar if you are an undergraduate or graduate student taking daytime full-semester and half-semester courses at our Longview campus location.