Information Technology: Staff

Information Technology Staff Photos



Support Staff


Matthew Henry
 Chief Information Officer,

Information Technology Division Office

Shun Fitzpatrick
Administrative Assistant,

Information Technology Division Office 

Network and Telecommunication Services

Ken Johnson
Director of Network and Telecommunication Services

Kevin Snyder
Assistant Director for Telecommunications

Ethan Cooper 
Network Administrator

Caleb Cheshier
Network Engineer


Nick Faul
Network Engineer

Business Systems Management

Cindy Powell
Director Business Systems Management

Pablo Albuja Silverio
Senior Programmer/Analyst

Valerie Lewis


Derrick Menefee
Database Programmer/Analyst

Tim Shafer
Database Programmer/Analyst - Enrollment

Alan Surber
Programmer/Analyst Intermediate

Sam Van Sandt


Micheal Young
Database Programmer/Analyst

User Support and Engagement

Michael Davis
Director of User Support and Engagement

Peter Austin
Technology Lifecycle Coordinator

Jared Jackson
Technical Services Coordinator

Landon King
AV Technology Coordinator