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School of Business
School of Business
Majors:Computer Information Systems, B.S. (CIS) 
 Health Information Systems, B.S. (HIS) 
Major:Accounting, B.S. (ACCT)Courses offered:
Minor:Accounting (ACCT)18 Accounting courses (ACCT)
Business Administration
Majors:Business Administration, B.A. (BUBA)Courses offered:
 Business Administration, B.S. (BUBS)43 Business Administration courses (BUSI)
     - Accounting Concentration (BAAC)10 Business Administration - Graduate Study courses (MBAC)
     - Finance Concentration (BAFI) 
     - Human Resource Management Concentration (BAHR) 
     - International Business Concentration (BAIB) 
     - Marketing Concentration (BAMK) 
     - Non-Profit Management Concentration (BANP) 
Minor:Business Administration (BU) 
Secondary (6th-12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Major:Business Administration, B.S. with Computer Information Systems as Second Field (BUE2)
Major:Finance, B.S. (FIN)Courses offered:
Minors:Economics (ECON)11 Finance courses (FINC)
 Finance (FINA)7 Economics courses (ECON)
International Business
Major:International Business, B.S. (IBBS) 
Majors:Management B.S - General Management - 3 Year Plan (MGT3)Courses offered:
 Management, B.S. (MGT)18 Management courses (MGMT)
Minor:Management (MANA)5 Health Care Management courses (HCMG)
  1 Health Informatics course (HCIT)
Human Resource Management
Major:Management, B.S. Human Resource Management Concentration (MGHR) 
Major:Marketing, B.S. (MK)Courses offered:
Minor:Marketing (MARK)16 Marketing courses (MKTG)
Dr. Ronald Sones, Acting Dean

Professors: Castro, Matthews, Sones, Wharton, Williams
Associate Professor: Gary
Assistant Professors: Jacobs, Lichtenberg, Littlefield
Instructor: Harriss

Accounting, B.S. (ACCT)
Business Administration, B.A. (BUBA)
Business Administration, B.S. (BUBS)
Computer Information Systems, B.S. (CIS)
Finance, B.S. (FIN)
Health Information Systems, B.S. (HIS)
International Business, B.S. (IBBS)
Management, B.S. – General Managements – 3 Year Plan (MGT3)
Management, B.S. (MGT)
Management, B.S. Human Resource Management Concentration (MGHR)
Marketing, B.S. (MK)
Business Administration, B.S. with Accounting Concentration
Business Administration, B.S. with International Business Concentration
Business Administration, B.S. with Human Resource Management Concentration
Business Administration, B.S. with Non Profit Management Concentration
Business Administration, B.S. with Marketing Concentration
Business Administration, B.S. with Finance Concentration

Accounting (ACCT)
Business Administration (BU)
Economics (ECON)
Finance (FIN)
Management (MANA)
Marketing (MARK)

The LeTourneau University School of Business offers undergraduate and graduate programs that will prepare you for success as a business leader in the modern technological era. Courses are delivered in online classes and in traditional classrooms.
Our Business programs provide students with the knowledge, theory, and practical skills for careers in industry, non-profit organizations, government, and education as well as preparing students for graduate education. Students are provided a broad foundation of general education courses in the liberal arts and sciences, a multi-disciplinary core of business courses, and specialized courses in a specific business discipline.
LeTourneau University’s School of Business distinguishes itself through the legacy of its founder, R. G. LeTourneau who was an entrepreneurial business leader, a pioneering engineer, and an international Christian evangelist. To honor his legacy, students are immersed in technology fundamentals, entrepreneurial business creation, and Christian faith integration into the workplace.
• Technology Leadership. Leaders need to understand the fundamentals of contemporary and emerging technologies in order to effectively sustain operations and deliver value. Graduates will, additionally, learn to drive business value from an organization’s information technology infrastructure.
• Entrepreneurial Thinking. Leaders need to continually develop innovative products and services that benefit mankind and delight customers. They must be adaptive and flexible in responding to dynamic markets and to competitors.
• Leaders of Faith. Leaders need to be trustworthy stewards of the people and resources entrusted to them. Business leaders must see their life’s work as a holy calling with eternal impact.

The School of Business programs are professionally accredited by the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).