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Catalog 2013-2014
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School of Education
Department of Criminal Justice
  Courses offered:
  17 Criminal Justice courses (CRIJ)
Department of Kinesiology
Majors:Kinesiology, B.S.Courses offered:
     - Exercise Science Concentration (KES)28 Kinesiology courses (KINE)
     - Sports Communication Concentration (KSC) 
     - Sports Management Concentration (KSM) 
     - Sports Ministry Concentration (KMIN) 
Minor:Kinesiology (KINE) 
All-Level (K - 12) Teaching Fields
Major:Kinesiology, B.S. All Level (EC - 12) Kinesiology (KIE2)
Department of Psychology
Majors:Child Development, B.S. (PSCD)Courses offered:
 Counseling Psychology, B.S. (PSCP)54 Psychology courses (PSYC)
 Counseling Psychology, B.S. and M.A.M.F.T. (PCPM) 
 Psychology, B.A. (PSYA) 
 Psychology, B.S. (PSYS) 
Minor:Psychology (PSYC) 
Department of Teacher Education
Majors:Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.Courses offered:
     - Early Childhood - 6th Grade Certification (ISE1)30 Teacher Education courses (EDUC)
     - 4th - 8th Grade Certification (ISE4)1 Instructional Technology course (INTC)
     - 4th - 8th Grade Certification with Language Arts and Social Studies Concentrations (ISE2)6 Reading courses (READ)
     - 4th - 8th Grade Certification with Mathematics and Science Concentrations (ISE3) 
Minor:Reading Minor (READ) 
Endorsements:4th-8th and 8th-12th Combination Certification (COMC) 
 English as a Second Language Supplemental Certification (ESL) 
 Special Education Supplemental Certification (SESC) 
All-Level (K - 12) Teaching Fields
Major:Kinesiology, B.S. All Level (EC - 12) Kinesiology (KIE2) 
Secondary (6th-12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Majors:Applied Technology, B.S. (ATE1) 
 Business Administration, B.S. with Computer Information Systems as Second Field (BUE2) 
Secondary (8th - 12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Majors:English/Language Arts, B.A. (ELE1) 
 History, B.A. with Spanish as Supporting Field (HIE1) 
 Life Sciences, B.S. (LSE4) 
 Mathematics Education, B.S. (MAE1) 
 Physical Sciences, B.S. (PSE4) 
 Science Composite, B.S. (SCE4) 
 Social Studies, B.A. (SSE4) 
Interdisciplinary Studies
Majors:Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A. (ISBA) 
 Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S. (ISBS) 
Dr. Wayne J. Jacobs, Dean

The School of Education houses three seemingly diverse, yet uniquely connected departments: Psychology, Kinesiology, and Teacher Education. Each of these departments is devoted to the training of students headed for careers in what can be called the “helping professions.”

Program requirements as well as details about each department are available through the links below.
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