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Catalog 2013-2014
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School of Business
Majors:Accounting and Master of Business Administration (ACCM)Courses offered:
 Accounting, B.S. (ACCT)16 Accounting courses (ACCT)
Minor:Accounting (ACCT) 
Business Administration
Majors:Business Administration, B.A. (BUBA)Courses offered:
 Business Administration, B.S. (BUBS)18 Business Administration courses (BUSI)
Minor:Business Administration (BU)10 Business Administration - Graduate Study courses (MBAC)
Secondary (6th-12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Major:Business Administration, B.S. with Computer Information Systems as Second Field (BUE2)
Major:Finance, B.S. (FIN)Courses offered:
Minors:Economics (ECON)8 Finance courses (FINC)
 Finance (FINA)6 Economics courses (ECON)
International Business
Major:International Business, B.S. (IBBS) 
Majors:Management B.S - General Management - 3 Year Plan (MGT3)Courses offered:
 Management, B.S. (MGT)14 Management courses (MGMT)
Minor:Management (MANA)5 Health Care Management courses (HCMG)
  1 Health Informatics course (HCIT)
Human Resource Management
Major:Management, B.S. Human Resource Management Concentration (MGHR) 
Major:Marketing, B.S. (MK)Courses offered:
Minor:Marketing (MARK)11 Marketing courses (MKTG)
Dr. Bruce Bowman, Dean
Dr. Karen Jacobs, Assistant Dean

Professors: Carlson, Castro, Matthews, Wharton
Assistant Professors: Bellamy, Jacobs, Harriss, Williams

The LeTourneau University School of Business offers a wide variety of majors and minors, allowing students to tailor their education to specific areas of interest. Todayís international employers often select employees based on specific skills, but promote for general skills. With that in mind, all of LeTourneauís business majors have three essential components: (1) a strong foundation of general education courses; (2) a solid core of business courses; and (3) specialized study in a specific area of business. LeTourneauís business programs are designed to prepare students for the global economy. Focused classroom instruction, required internship experiences and co-curricular activities, as well as the opportunity to study abroad, all combine to help make this a reality--preparing our students for "Every Workplace" and "Every Nation."

To follow the university mission of graduating students who see their lifeís work as a holy calling with eternal impact, the School of Business has created the LifeWork Planning Initiative. Through LifeWork Planning, the School of Business seeks to prepare its students as effectively as possible for their lives and careers beyond college. As students progress through their years at LeTourneau, it is the desire of the School of Business to provide the avenue through which they can intentionally incorporate and benchmark the implementation of Christian Leadership Distinctives. These distinctives, (Discovering Purpose, Grounding Values, Broadening Knowledge, Collaborating Service, and Deepening Skills) provide an educational framework that guides and gives direction and orientation to everything the students will study inside and outside of the classroom.

The following policies apply to students majoring in any area of study offered by the School of Business.
    1. Students with a major in Business Administration may not double-major in another business area, but may double-major in a non-business area.

    2. Students with a major in Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management and Marketing may minor in any other business area.

    3. Students must earn a minimum grade of "C" in all business courses to receive credit toward their major or minor.

All of the degree programs offered by the School of Business are professionally accredited by the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).