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SPAN 2123
Intermediate Spanish II
Class hours: 3
Lab hours: 0
Semesters Available: Spring
Years Available: All
For students with the equivalent of three semester of previous study of Spanish. A continuation of Intermediate Spanish I, aimed to reinforce the practice of oral and written communication in Spanish through topics in contemporary cultural materials from Spain and Latin America. Students will focus on improving proficiency, refining pronunciation and acquiring vocabulary. Along with in-class discussions, course work involves grammar review and practice in writing.

Note: Conducted in Spanish. Students who have studied Spanish for two years or more in secondary school must take the LeTourneau Spanish Placement Test for appropriate placement.
Prerequisite: Elementary Spanish II (SPAN 1123) or equivalent, or a score greater than 440 on the LeTourneau Spanish Placement Test..

1 program requires this course.
2 courses require this as a prerequisite or corequisite.