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HIST 1113   Western Civilization To 1715 (L)

Programs that require Western Civilization To 1715 (L):
School of Arts and Sciences
Department of Biology
Biology, B.S. (BYBS)
Department of Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice, B.S. (CJBS)
Department of History and Political Science
History-Political Science, B.A. (HIPL)
International Studies, B.A. (INSA)
Department of Literature and Language Arts
English Language and Literature, B.A. (ENLL)
School of Education
Department of Psychology
Psychology, B.A. (PSYA)
Department of Teacher Education
Secondary (8th - 12th Grade) Teaching Fields
History, B.A. with Spanish as Supporting Field (HIE1)
Social Studies, B.A. (SSE4)
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S. 4th - 8th Grade Certification with Language Arts and Social Studies Concentrations (ISE2)