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Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology
Majors:Child Development, B.S. (PSCD)Courses offered:
 Counseling Psychology, B.S. (PSCP)54 Psychology courses (PSYC)
 Counseling Psychology, B.S. and M.A.M.F.T. (PCPM) 
 Psychology, B.A. (PSYA) 
 Psychology, B.S. (PSYS) 
Minor:Psychology (PSYC) 
Dr. Vicki L. Sheafer, Chair

Professor: Sheafer
Associate Professor: M. Roudkovski
Assistant Professor: J. McNeill
Senior Adjunct: S. Kranz

The LeTourneau University Department of Psychology offers three degrees, as well as a departmental minor. Course requirements for these programs are linked from this page. For more details about the study of psychology at LeTourneau, refer to the Department of Psychology homepage.