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Finance (FINC)
School of Business

FINC 3113   Financial Management
A study of financial strategy in the processes of obtaining and managing funds of the corporation. Included are cash flow and working capital management, capital financing models, dividend and stock policy, and the examination of expansions and mergers. Class 3. Prerequisite: ACCT 2103.

FINC 3203   Financial Risk Management
This course provides a survey of risk, financial risk and banking. It provides a systematic approach to financial risk management considered by financial institutions and corporations. Students are expected to learn and apply financial risk concepts such as interest rate risk, credit risk, market risk, default risk, and duration. Various traditional and modern risk evaluations will be covered such as credit scores, re-pricing, VAR (Value at Risk), and credit metrics . Class 3. Prerequisites: ECON 2103, FINC 3113, and BUSI 3423. (Fall, Even years)

FINC 3403   Investments
This course is designed to serve investors who are or will be actively developing and monitoring investment portfolios. Techniques, methods, and strategies for implementing investment goals are examined in a portfolio and risk/return trade-off context. Topics include an overview of personal finance and investment, mutual funds, commodities, and other investment vehicles. Class 3. Prerequisites: ECON 2103, FINC 3113, and BUSI 3423. (Fall, Odd years)

FINC 4203   Advanced Finance
This course provides an introduction to the fastest growing areas in finance such as fixed-income securities, derivative securities and financial applications. The study of derivative securities provides the student with a robust understanding of options and futures in the market. Upon successful completion of this course, the student is expected to possess a working knowledge of issues regarding both valuations and applications of derivative securities. This course may also include other special topics in financial management. Class 3. Prerequisites: ECON 2103, FINC 3113, and BUSI 3423. (Spring, Even years)

FINC 4303   International Finance
In this course, students explore the international financial environment, including international financial markets and international flow of funds. Other topic include exchange rate behavior and risk management, financing international trade, international cash management, direct foreign investment, multinational capital budgeting, and country risk analysis. Class 3. Prerequisites: ECON 2103, FINC 3113, and BUSI 3423. (Spring, Odd years)

FINC 4923   Finance Internship
The student will receive supervised experience in performing duties in a business environment with emphasis on financial transactions and financial decision-making. Class 3. Prerequisites: FINC 3113 and Consent of Instructor. (On Demand)

FINC 4941-4994   Special Topics
A one-to-four credit hour course to be utilized for seminars, special lectures in topics not offered in the catalog, and as a mechanism for developing new courses. Subjects offered under this number may include any area in the field of finance. This course may be taken more than one time when the topics are different. Class 1-4. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor.