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Economics (ECON)
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BUSI 3103   Business Law
A study of the principles of business law covering the fields of contracts, agencies, personal property, sales, negotiable instruments, partnerships, and corporations. Class 3. (Fall)
BUSI 4843   Servant Leadership (GAPS Course)
Students examine foundational concepts of servant leadership within a historical concept,
beginning with the study of Jesus Christ as the foundation of servant leadership, and continuing
on to modern perspectives of servant leadership. Students will develop leadership
competencies consistent with a Biblical framework for servant leadership.
Class 3.
ECON 2103   Macroeconomics
An introduction to the nature and theory of Economics and the theoretical tools of macroeconomics. The course includes the introduction of supply and demand, examination of national income accounting, the role of government to include fiscal and monetary policy, the American banking system, and international trade. Class 3. (Fall)
ECON 2203   Microeconomics
A study of microeconomics beginning with demand and supply theory and continuing with examination of the costs of production, price and output determination under pure competition, monopoly, oligopoly, and monopolistic competition (the study of price-taking and price-searching firm). Class 3. (Spring)
ECON 3103   Money And Banking
A study of the fundamental theories of money and banking. It is a study of the economic role of the banking system and financial institutions, the Federal Reserve System, monetary policy, and instruments of international finance. Class 3. Prerequisite: ECON 2103. (Fall, Even years)
ECON 4303   International Economics
This course provides an experience-based approach to international economics issues, including trade theory, trade policy, balance-of-payments accounts, foreign exchange, international financial markets, and international economic policy. Class 3.
Total Hours: 18