LeTourneau University Automotive Society

Download a Registration Form for the 40th Annual Automotive Society Car Show, March 19-20

The LeTourneau University Automotive Society was founded in 1957 by a group of gear heads who all had two things in common: they loved Jesus, and they loved anything that had a motor and wheels.

For the past 52 years, the Auto Society (as we affectionately call it) has stood just a little aside from the rest of the LeTourneau Campus.  By no means do we consider ourselves better, just…different.  While our membership has fluctuated over the years, we have changed buildings, and the campus has changed around us, we have never failed to use our knowledge and skills to advance the kingdom of God.  Be it our annual car show with proceeds furthering missions around the world, or our bi-annual “Ladies check your fluids day,” we use our knowledge to help those in need.

While we may come across as a bit abrasive, that’s just because we have a bit more grease under our fingernails than most, and if you ever happen to be on campus and the lights are on in “The Shop,” feel free to step inside and see some of our latest projects.


Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Jesse French
Dr. Jonathan Demko

Member Contacts:
Josh Hulin, President
Austin Umstead, Website Coordinator
Patrick Mahaffey, Car Show Coordinator