Career Services is dedicated not only to helping current students with their résumés and connecting them with employers, but also to supporting the alumni of LeTourneau University. To help us help you, please consider updating your information.

Career Opportunities

  • Current openings for LETU students and alumni can be found through job search engines
  • General information about jobs in the United States can be found at naceweb.org

Or maybe graduate school is what you're interested in! To help, we've put together information about the process. If there's anything we can do to help you, please let us know!

Update Your Information

There are a ton of reasons to stay in touch with LETU after you receive your diploma! Our office of Career Services can help you with job opportunities. The LETU alumni office wants to keep you aware of alumni events and opportunities to come back and see all your friends. And we want you to stay aware of all of the exciting things that continue to happen on campus. LeTourneau has been a big part of your life. And you have been a big part of this university. As you take the next steps, we want to continue to hear about your success. Please provide the following information to the best of your knowledge. All information should be "After Graduation" information. Please do not use your LETU email, phone number, or address. Thank you!


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