Judi Coyle

Director, LETU Center for Counseling

M.A.M.F.T., L.P.C.


All through my life, God gave and continues to give me meaningful work that has prepared me for this time. Developing and mentoring Christian counselors and leaders is my passion. I have served Presidents of companies, colleges and graduate schools. I have owned my own businesses. I have worked in educational, legal and medical environments. I studied fine arts and design and business in undergrad and twelve years later went to seminary to study counseling psychology. I hold professional counseling licenses in both Tennessee & Texas and have a counseling practice in Longview, Texas.

I am a counseling “mixed breed” of sorts. I have utilized my mental health training in the business arena, assisting executives and trustee boards in institutional advancement, corporate decision-making and planning. I have also served as Clinical Director/adjunct faculty at Southeast Louisiana Hospital on behalf of New Orleans Seminary. I have had the great privilege of guiding and directing young clinicians as they began their journeys into mental health. Most recently, I served as Minister of Counseling at a large church in east Tennessee, directing a comprehensive community counseling center.

The work place has been a blessing and where I have grown spiritually. God has orchestrated my work-life much like a quilt…interesting and interwoven with other unique pieces. In all arenas I have found vibrant opportunities to live out my Christian faith and values, and have learned much and been challenged by folks who were not just like me. I am privileged to direct this ministry of LeTourneau University and to work alongside these amazing professionals.

My passion is to remove the “stigma” from mental health issues. My life work involves helping people understand that brain health is, well, just that – brain health. Shame only keeps folks from receiving care and working toward wholeness. The brain is not any different than the heart, or any other vital organ when there is a need.