Eric Boone

Hometown: Denton, Texas

Interests: Football, Snowboarding, Classic Cars, Stock Market, Golf

Faith Journey: I have been in church since I can remember and always took what I learned in church at face value. As I have grown in my relationship with Christ.

Favorite aspect of LeTourneau University: My favorite aspect of LeTourneau is that it offers small classes that give me many opportunities to ask questions during class, and the professors have always been more than willing to help me understand concepts outside of class as well.


Financial Focus

Why did you choose Finance?

The main reason I chose finance is because I wanted to have a better understanding of why the financial system in the United States almost collapsed in 2008 and how people lost and made fortunes during that time.

What has been your favorite Finance course so far?

My favorite course so far has been Financial Management with Dr. Feezell along with my Investments course with Dr. Castro.

What has been the most challenging Finance concept for you?

The most challenging concept in Finance for me is using statistical methods like standard deviation and exponential moving average to predict future market actions.

Have you participated in any memorable projects or events for your Finance classes?

I am currently working on a paper concerning the use of ETF’s in the stock market and how these investment vehicles are introducing volatility into the market. I will submit this paper to the Federal Reserve in Dallas, and if it is selected I will give a presentation over it.

What is the most important thing you have learned so far about Finance?

The most important thing I have learned about Finance is that planned diversification in the market is the best way to invest.

Advice for prospective Finance students.

The majority of class time is used to understand terms and definitions that are common in the markets. So start immersing yourself with market information from websites, television, and newspapers. The more accustom you are to the language and terms used to describe investment vehicles, and their functions in the market, the quicker you will comprehend the class work.