Chemistry and Physics

BREAKING NEWS - LeTourneau Announces Agreement with Eastman Chemical Company and Iowa State University to offer a path to a Master's in Chemical Engineering in just five years.

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LeTourneau University's Department of Chemistry and Physics is where education becomes exploration. Here, it's about understanding at a fundamental level how everything around you works. It's about figuring out how to apply that knowledge to develop new and improved products, processes, and materials. It's about solving practical problems. Here, we speak opportunity, possibility, and discovery. In addition, we prepare you to establish an exceptional career in industry or academics.  

Our degree programs offer excellence in both academic quality and interdisciplinary flexibility

  • Combine chemistry and biology in our biology concentration within chemistry if you want a rigorous premed preparation or want to pursue a career in biochemistry research in academics or industry.
  • Combine chemistry, biology, and criminal justice to pursue a forensic chemistry career
  • Fuse an interest in engineering with physics to pursue graduate studies in physics or engineering through an engineering-physics degree.
  • Become a chemical engineer through our chemical engineering concentration in chemistry and earn a master's in chemical engineering from our partnership with Iowa State University and Eastman Chemical Company.

Building upon LeTourneau's rich history of hands-on learning, our students have exceptional opportunities to do in-depth chemistry and physics research at the undergraduate level in a rich learning environment.

From astrophysics and quantum mechanics, to astronomy and nanotechnology, to drug design and biofuels, you won't just read about technology in a textbook. Our lab-based learning transforms interesting concepts and theories into concrete experiments and observations.


Christian Community

In our department, though, it's not simply the rigorous application and challenge that translate into a successful career. We foster a sense of community, with personal interaction and collaboration among students and dedicated faculty, who are all committed Christians, believing that God is the ultimate creator and sustainer of the universe, and that studying the physical sciences is compatible with seeking a deeper knowledge of ourselves and our relation to God as the source of all truth. 

So whether your future holds analyzing crime scenes or exploring quantum physics, you'll graduate prepared to not only work at the cutting edge of science, but also impact the world you're fascinated by for Christ.