Tuition And Fees 2014-2015 - Traditional Undergraduate

This page contains information relating to undergraduate students enrolled in daytime programs at our main campus in Longview, Texas. For tuition and fees for other programs, see the links above.

The information below represents an overview of LeTourneau's tuition and fees for the 2014-15 academic year.  (Looking for Summer 2014 tuition and fees?  Click here.)
Rates are effective August 25, 2014.  For a more comprehensive schedule of tuition, academic and student life fees and other costs, check the detailed view.

Note: As a private institution, LeTourneau University's costs are the same for out-of-state students as they are for Texas residents.

Traditional Undergraduate Students
Detailed Tuition and Fee Information
Item Freshmen
Tuition (flat rate for 12-18 credit hours/semester) $26,390
Required Fees $520
Room & Board $9,300
Course Fees (Approx) 1 $650
Total (Fall & Spring) 2 $36,860
Traditional Undergraduate Students - Engineering Majors
Additional fees $2,000
Total (Fall & Spring) 2 $38,860
*Traditional Undergraduate Students - Flight Majors*
Course Fees (Approx) 1 $990
Estimated Aviation Fees $7,350
Total (Fall & Spring) 2 $45,200

1 Actual course fees depend on the specific courses taken. Fees associated with each course are shown on the course schedule.

2 The total cost does not include the following (estimated annual costs in parentheses): Books & Supplies ($1,520), Transportation ($1,328) and Personal Expenses ($1,230).

Over 90% of LETU's students receive some form of financial aid.

To help with budgeting, installment payment plans are available.