GSL Grant Guidelines and Application

LeTourneau University is committed to being a university of global influence. In an effort to fulfill our commitment, the Office of Global Initiatives established the Center for Global Service Learning (CGSL), which seeks to empower faculty members and students to use their expertise, skills, and ingenuity in order to develop sustainable solutions in developing communities that will ease human suffering, foster human flourishing, and demonstrate God’s redeeming love.

The CGSL seeks both to stimulate the incubation of new projects as well as to support the continued implementation of existing projects.

For 2016, the CGSL will be offering the following grants. Further information (such as guidelines for application) can be found on the CGSL webpage:

  1. GSL New Project Proposal Grants. In an effort to stimulate new GSL projects, the CGSL will offer a New Project Proposal Grant. Successful single-author proposals will receive $250; successful multi-author proposals will be awarded $600. Each successful proposal that is multi-disciplinary will receive a bonus award of $150.
  2. GSL New Project Grant. The CGSL will award up to $2,500 this year to aid the incubation of a new GSL project. To qualify as a new GSL project, each GSL project leader must submit a GSL Project proposal (see below) which then must be approved by the review board and the director of the Center for Global Service Learning.
  3. GSL (Existing) Project Grant. The CGSL will award up to $2,000 this year to support an existing GSL project.
  4. GSL Student Engagement Grants. The CGSL will award up to $1,000 to support a degree-seeking LETU student who is engaged in an approved GSL project. See the CGSL webpage for guidelines and requirements.

Grant Proposal Approval Process:

All grant proposals will be evaluated by the Global Service Learning review board, which will determine whether the proposal meets the requirements and is a mission-fit with the mission and aims of the CGSL.

Criteria for a Global Service Learning Project:

Each GSL project must meet the following criteria:

  1. It must solve a problem through research (in keeping with your department standards), which your team has or can identify appropriate expertise.
  2. It must involve both faculty and students as a project team.
  3. It must address a need that has an educational benefit for the student and professional benefit for the faculty.
  4. It must build upon an existing academic discipline within the university.
  5. It must work in partnership with a host institution or entity that has long-term commitments with the community that you are serving. Said in another way, the project must be incorporated into the long-term mission and aims of a host institution or entity.
  6. It must be fiscally sound and sustainable for both the university and the host country.