Teresa Richenberger

About the Speaker

From using drugs at a very young age and becoming a runaway at sixteen, Teresa had no way to take care of herself. She was literally forced to sell her body for a place to stay. Thinking this was the path to take to support herself, she answered a “Dancer’s Wanted” ad in the local newspaper and became an exotic dancer at the age of 17. In her mind, there was no turning back.

As an exotic dancer, Teresa had no idea of her true value and worth. She did not think that anyone really cared about her. Building up giant walls to protect herself from others, she began to harden her heart. Through the help of drugs, she lived a life of numbness just to survive.

At the age of 28, Teresa reached the breaking point. She knew something had to change because she could not go on like this. She knew she was dying physically and emotionally.  One day while once reading the newspaper, she felt compelled to answer a completely different kind of advertisement. This was a church advertisement, inviting one and all to come and visit. That night, Teresa went to church and that is where and when her healing process began! She now lives a life for Christ and helps others to overcome their past.

Teresa is happily married to Wayne Richenberger, and he is her best friend. She has two step children and one grandchild. Teresa and her husband live near Longview and serve in the ministry together.

Chapel begins at 10:50AM