Clark Kendall

RD: Thomas Hall

Hello! My name is Clark Kendall and before becoming a part of the LeTourneau community I lived within the rolling Bluegrass hills of Central Kentucky. I am somewhat a product of my environment, as I enjoy basketball, horses, and burgoo (Google it), but I also enjoy reading about history, exercising, and playing any game imaginable. For the past five years of my life, I have lived it the most fully with my wife, Annette. We met at Asbury University, our undergraduate institution, where we both received degrees in secondary education. After teaching high school history for three years, I decided to seek out a master’s degree in higher education at the University of Kentucky (Go Cats!).

This year will be my second as the Residence Director of Thomas Hall. Annette and I are truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a meaningful community. The love and support given by the students, staff, and faculty is wonderfully overwhelming. Living amongst the men of Thomas Hall is simply awesome. I am astounded by their abilities, hospitality, unity, and, more than anything, their authenticity in Christ. To have the chance to come along side them in such an important time of their lives is a humbling honor.

In addition to being the RD for Thomas Hall, I also serve as the Director of Intramurals. Yes, that’s right, my job responsibilities involve hanging out on the floors and watching/participating in various sports; I am living the dream. This title, too, is a huge honor. If you spend any time on LeTourneau’s campus you will soon find that intramurals is a HUGE part of our community. From the more competitive teams holding their own tryouts to purely recreational teams out to just have fun, intramurals are widely anticipated and receive heavy participation. Above that, hos'wever, is the students' overarching desire to glorify Christ on the field or court. It is my ambition to maintain the high levels of success and character within intramurals, and listen for ways we can take it further.


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