Web, Copy, Design, Video, PR

As we continue to grow as a university, we face the challenge of presenting a clear and consistent identity of who we are. To meet this challenge as effectively and efficiently as possible, we have assembled a team of professionals who are specialists in graphic design, writing/editing, photography, videography, web design/management, marketing and public relations.

Whether it be through a print piece, a video, a press release or informative content on the university's website, the University Marketing & Communications team is dedicated to marketing the university as a whole, implementing the university brand strategy and communicating the story of LETU to the world.

The University Marketing & Communications Office serves as the clearinghouse for the production of all official university materials for external audiences and holds all university persons accountable for following university publication standards.

The UMC team is located on LETU's Longview campus on the second floor of the Memorial Student Center (MSC), and can be reached at (903) 233-3280.

The following photos showcase our staff sporting our historic R.G. LeTourneau glasses in honor of his 125th Birthday Celebration during the 2013-14 school year. Staff members include:


  Kate Gronewald
Director of University Marketing & Communications
(903) 233-3291
  Tom Barnard
Creative Director
(903) 233-3295
  Jenna Pace
Social Media Coordinator / Writer
(903) 233-3280
  Janet Ragland
Director of University Relations
(903) 233-3282
  Mark Roedel
University Webmaster
(903) 233-3296
  Sara Shipley
Digital Media Communications Coordinator
(903) 233-3293
  Andy Teel
Assistant Director of Multimedia
(903) 233-3298
  Sharina Wunderink
Graphic Designer / Photographer
(903) 233-3280


To request a University Marketing & Communications project, fill out our


Graphic Standards Manual




Digital Image Library



Any use of the university logo must be approved by:

Kate Gronewald
Director of University Marketing & Communications
(903) 233-4396